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Dear Colleagues,

With the continuous promotion of insurtech, insurance companies are facing new opportunities and challenges, and technology begins to dominate and promotes financial transformation and upgrading. How to make good use of emerging technologies to broaden business channels and optimize internal governance is a challenge that every insurer needs to think about. With the rapid development of fintech,the levels of internet connectivity of insurance business services from actuarial, product design to various business lines has gradually increased.
We need to think about:

   √   Based on internal efficiency improvement requirements of product design, sales, underwriting efficiency and technology, as well as the
        external development ecosystem and ecological collaboration requirements, how can insurance companies carry out digital upgrades?
   √   How to break through the bottleneck of product homogeneity?
   √   How to use technology to enable underwriting and risk control to be customer-centric, and to develop toward pre-positioning, industrial
        chain integration, and full insurance policy cycle?
   √   How to use technology to carry out effective claims processing and reduce invalid claims management costs and hasty claims processing?
   √   How to capture and analyze specific user behavior in multiple dimensions,accurately predict potential demand and innovate in areas such
        as prices, products and services, and achieve precise marketing scenarios to enhance your own competitive advantage?
   √   How can insurance products gradually return to the "the essence of insurance" from "financialization"?
   √   How to create a triangle of harmony among insurance companies, traffic platforms, and operation teams in the digital age?

All these issues will be thoroughly examined at the CHINA INSURANCE DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE ECOLOGY CONFERENCE & EXPO 2022 for business communication. CIDIE2022 aims to promote the development of digital and intelligent insurance which will gather 300+ Top talents from insurers, reinsurers, government&regulatory, insurance brokers,insurtech,insurance ecosystem partners, investors,IT vendor market ,research and consulting institutions to jointly discuss the "strategies" and "techniques" for the development of digital insurance ecosystems, and will specifically conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on the problems and opportunities in insurance intelligence underwriting& claims risk control and digital marketing.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the event!

Best regards,


Event at a Glance


Session 1: Reconstruction: Technology Reshapes Insurance Ecosystem

Session 2: Exploration: Digital Journey & Data Culture


Session 3: Drive:InsurTech Update & Innovative High-Tech Adoption

Session 4: Best Practice:Data Deep Dive


SESSION 1: Digitalization, Three-dimensionality, Intelligence: The Trend of Insurance Risk Management and Control

SESSION 2: Intelligent Underwriting: Intelligent Early Warning & Multi-dimensional Verification


SESSION 3: Accurate Compensation & Identification of Claim Fraud

SESSION 4: Co-construction of Risk Control System: Data Sharing and Technology Application


SESSION 1: The "Strategy" and "Technique" of Insurance Digital Marketing

SESSION 2: Digital Customer Acquisition Ecology: Find Your Partner


SESSION 3: Retain Your Customers: Closed-Loop Feedback

SESSION 4: Private Domain Traffic: How to Obtain and Reasonably Use User Data in Compliance With Regulations?