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Indian Rail system is one of the largest systems in the world, which is also one of the very few railway systems in the world generating operating surpluses. Today, Rail has emerged as the main vehicle for India socio-economic development, and also the backbone of its developing economy.


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 1 Hearing from 15+ senior industry expert speakers from government and operators
 2 Joining in 150+ senior industry executives and enjoy high level peer-to-peer networking
 3 Examining the key challenges and opportunities of expansion into new markets
 4 Unearthing the prospects and potential business opportunities in rail booming time
 5 Gathering all the elites from upstream decision makers to downstream vendors
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Day 1  ♦ 


Expanding & Upgrading India Urban Rail Transport
Systems to Secure the Economy Sustainable
Seeking the Business & Partnership Opportunities in India MEGA Rail Projects
Addressing the Major Challenges in India Rail Market
Day 2  ♦ 
Project Updates & Case Studies
Modernizing India Rail Transport Systems Through Innovative Technologies
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 ♦ The Only Leading Conference Discussing India High Speed, DFC, Metro and Other Urban Rapid Transits Systems
 ♦ Learning from the Project Experiences from Overseas Countries like China and Japan
 ♦ Experts’ Interpretation about the Potential Opportunities for Foreign & Private Firms in Future India Rail Market
 ♦ An Projects Oriented Meeting with Plentiful Project Updates and Case Studies in India
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 ♦ Interpreting the National Transport Policy and special terms for rail industry
 ♦ High Speed Railways in India: imperative for current times
 ♦ Analyzing the potential opportunities for foreign companies and private firms to enter the booming rail industry in India
 ♦ Project Updates: Western Dedicated Freight Corridor project
 ♦ Project Updates: Mumbai Metro Projects
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 ♦ Dec.4,2015
Know less about Indian rail industry? Meet them are enough.
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