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新零售与营销技术周是泽为资讯集团主办的行业高峰论坛,致力于探讨亚洲与中国数字化领域相关主题。论坛包含两场同期同地峰会:中国新零售与技术创新峰会(NRT );中国营销技术与数字化创新峰会(MT )。参会嘉宾与赞助商们可以一张入场券同享两场峰会。论坛将为各行业品牌主与第三方服务商提供学习交流与合作洽谈的绝佳平台,共同探寻中国企业新零售,营销技术与数字化转型之路。


New Retail & MarTech Week is the leading event by SZ&W Group with the digital related theme in Asia and China. It includes 2 co-located summits: China New Retail and Technology Innovation Summit (NRT);China MarTech and Digital Innovation Summit (MT). The delegates and sponsors can enjoy the 2 summits with one ticket. An excellent platform will be provided to the brand owners and service providers for learning, communication and cooperation. It will discover the roadmap for the new retail, marketing technology and digital transformation of enterprises in China.