Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is my greatest pleasure, on behalf of the Organizing Committee to welcome you to attend the 2nd InsurTech Innovation Congress China 2018, to be held on Sep. 12-14th, in Shanghai, China.

The year 2017 has been hailed as the first year of InsurTech. InsurTech has indeed become an important method for insurers to enhance their competitiveness. They hope to reshape the value chain in the insurance ecosystem and improve the operational efficiency of their business by the application of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. The fact that Zhong An listed in Hong Kong Stock exchange and investment in InsurTech last year is the evident for the thriving of InsurTech market.

However, when InsurTech is advancing fiercely, there are still quite a lot of challenges. How will industry standards be unified? What is the trend of government supervision? How to optimize technology applications? How to develop mature business models? How to acquire and cultivate InsurTech professionals?

Therefore, the congress in Shanghai, China, will offer you a comprehensive coverage of the innovations happening around and will happen in the coming years in the InsurTech market of China. Meanwhile, for those who are keen on finding new investment opportunities or strengthening their presence in the China’s market, this 3-day event will provide plenty of opportunities to meet your future partners.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of 2nd InsurTech Innovation Congress China 2018

Agenda Overview

1300 Registration & Afternoon Tea

1400 Demo1

1500 Demo2

1600 Coffee Break

1630 Demo3

1730 The End of the Demos

Session 1: InsurTech Ecosystem & Development Trends

0900 The Practices Of InsurTech Development and Analyses on Future Regulation Trends

0920 Future Trends of InsurTech from the Perspective of Investors

0940 Cross Industry Collaborations of InsurTech

1000 Networking Coffee Break

Session 2: Big Data-Transformation & Precision

1030 Digital Transformation of Insurance Industry: Is Your Business Really Digital?

1055 Implementing Data Strategy: How to Use Data Right and Scientifically?

1120 Smart Risk Control Through Big Data: To Structure Risk Prediction Models

1145 From Data Scientists to Insurance Actuaries: Precise Pricing Model

1210 From low Frequency to High Frequency: Scene Sales , Precise Marketing and Big Data

1235 Networking Luncheon

1400 Enhancing Customer Engagement – Data-driven Customer Operations and Management

1425 Big Data Customer Portrait: to Explore the Potential Needs of Customers

Session 3: IoT Insurance & Mobile Internet Applications: Get Closer to Your Customer

1450 IoT and the Customization of Insurance Products

1515 To Improve Customer Experience through Mobile Payment and Quick Claims

1540 Mobile Internet Sales Platform Construction – How to improve the Efficiency of Customer Acquisition and Marketing

1610 Networking Coffee Break

Session4: Blockchain-Potentials and Cases in Insurance

1640 How Blockchain is Applied within an Organization, Between Organizations and Cross industries

1705 Blockchain Smart Contracts in Insurance Underwritings and Claims: Challenges and Solutions

1730 Blockchain-Based Insurance Products Innovations

1755 Data Security of Insurance under Blockchain

1820 A Conversation between InsurTech Start-ups and Insurers –Cross-border Integration

1850 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & the End of Day 2 Conference

Session 5: AI-Smart Insurance

0900 Challenges of Adopting AI on Enterprise Level

0925 Smart Underwriting: to Be Accurate and Quick

0950 Artificial Intelligence and Claims Automation

1015 Image Recognition Technology and Intelligent Loss Assessment

1040 Combating Fraud with the Help of Technology: AI + Machine learning

1105 Networking Coffee Break

1135 Using Chat Robots to Improve Efficiency and Customer Experiences

1200 Rob-Advisors and the Potentials for Insurance

1225 Panel Discussion: How Will AI Change Insurance Industry?

1255 Networking Luncheon

Session 6: Cloud Computing & Its Potentials for Insurance

1400 The Application of Cloud Computing in Insurance-A Perspective from CIO

1425 The Construction of Internal Private Cloud System of Insurance Companies

1450 The Application of Cloud Computing in Constructing Information Basis Platform of SMES

1515 Networking Luncheon

Session 7: Biotechnology & Driverless Technology & Drone

1545 An Analysis on the Prospect of the Genetic Testing Application in Health Insurance

1610 Driverless Car and the Future of Auto Insurance

1635 The Practice Cases of Drone in Insurance Industry

Session 8: To Secure Cyber Risks

1700 What Cyber Risks are Insurers Meeting and will Meet and the Solutions

1725 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & the End of the 3-Day Conference

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