Summit Positioning

    The conference aims to provide wealth management industry participants with a high quality information exchange platform. Through this platform, participants can comprehensively understand the latest market trends in domestic and international wealth management industry, regulatory policies, competitive environment, technological frontiers, product innovation and business model innovation. Through extensive and in-depth discussion of industry and regional hot issues, we hope that our conference can effectively promote the orderly and rapid development of China's wealth management industry.


Confirmed Speakers


Topic Highlights

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    1.Interpretation of private wealth growth trends and factors in major wealth regions of the world

    2.Build an independent business model integrating investment and financing, and actively manage all aspects

    3.How small and medium-sized banks carry out private banking business to create differentiated competitive advantage

    4.Image of internet banking guest group and long tail user service based on big data

    5.The reform of wealth management business and the development strategy of high net-worth customers in the era of large-fund regulation

    6.Strengthen internal business collaboration and grasp the whole life cycle of customers

    7.Global asset allocation and tax planning in the context of CRS

    8.Cross-longitudinal analysis of family asset allocation and realization path of identity planning

    9.Global and China alternative investment trends

    10.How to create the "new mode of Chinese characteristics" of international insurance and high-end medical service docking

    11.How the management department protects investors ' interests when the just-needed payment was broken

    12.Logic about digital assets and their commercial applications

    13.Technology driven to reshape wealth management value chain

    14.Build an open platform in the field of wealth to achieve a common win and symbiosis of partners

    15.Create a human-machine intelligent investment to provide 24/7 customer service

    16.Focus on core capacity building and promote the overseas layout of private business

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