Event Background

Dear Colleagues:

According to the 2018 Global Wealth Report released by Credit Suisse Research Institute, China has ranked second in the global wealth rankings in the past year, and its total wealth has increased by 2.3 trillion US dollars, to 52 trillion US dollars. The number of millionaires in China has increased by 186,000, with a total population of 3.5 million.. It is estimated that China’s total wealth will increase by another 23 trillion US dollars in the next five years. With the accelerated growth of people's wealth and the growing demand for wealth management, the future development prospects of the wealth management industry are very broad.

Over the past decade, driven by the accelerated accumulation of wealth of high-net-worth customers, the wealth management industry, including private banks, has made great strides in China. Banks from domestic and international markets, securities companies, trust companies, fund companies, third-party wealth management companies and Internet finance companies have flooded into the Chinese market, which greatly promotes the transformation and development of the domestic wealth management market. At present, Global asset allocation has become a popular choice for high-net-worth people. Meanwhile, the rise of Internet wealth management has brought China into the era of universal wealth management. In the face of this emerging wealth management customers, financial institutions need to transform their business to provide better services.

At the same time, the Chinese wealth management market is also facing many challenges that cannot be ignored. Industry policies are changing, market participants are expanding, products and services are constantly innovating, organizational structures are constantly changing, and they all put forward severe challenges to traditional business models and organizational structures. On the one hand, the accelerated accumulation of people's wealth and the awakening of wealth management awareness have greatly promoted the development of the wealth management industry. On the other hand, the introduction of CRS information exchange, new industry policies and regulations issue, all of these put new demands on wealth management agencies. Being able to adapt to change and make timely adjustments will be the key to whether wealth management institutions can stand in the fierce market competition.

Under this context, the "2019 China Wealth Management Innovation International Summit" hosted by Front Financial Institute, a subsidiary of SZ&W Group, will be held in Beijing from May 9th to 10th. The conference focused on the latest market trends in the wealth management industry at home and abroad, the latest developments in industry development trends, product service innovation, organizational structure changes, sharing the most cutting-edge financial technology applications, and exploring and exploring the development of the wealth management industry under the new situation. opportunity. The conference invited key decision makers and experts from the domestic and international private banks, brokers, trusts, insurance, funds, third-party wealth management companies, family offices, consulting companies, etc. in the field of wealth management, through keynote speeches and roundtable discussions. Form, focus on hot topics in the industry, and explore ways to deal with challenges. In order to promote the healthy development of China's wealth management industry through this summit.

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of China Wealth Management Innovation Summit 2019

Agenda Overview

Theme 1:Interpretation of the trend judgment and growth factors of future wealth management industry

Theme 2:Pioneer's practice-a glimpse of the forefront of industry development

Theme 3: Break through the homogenization predicament and establish a differentiated competitive advantage

Theme 4:Customer development and service strategy innovation in the new era of credit management

Theme 1:2019 Global Asset Allocation Outlook

Theme 2: Focus on asset allocation new blue sea, grasp the new opportunities of wealth management

Theme 3:Constructing a top level asset allocation platform to improve multivariate management ability

Theme 4:Family wealth planning in the era of globalization

Theme 1:2019 Digital Wealth Management Outlook

Theme 2:Internet + Inclusive Finance, reshaping the new format of wealth management

Theme 3: Wealth management practice combined with data and intelligence

Theme 4: Exploration of digital wealth management products and business transformation


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