Dear Colleagues,

On Behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am honored to invite you to the China New Retail and Digital Innovation Summit 2017 (New Retail 2017). The summit will be held on October 23-24 in Shanghai, China.

In 2016, the total retail sales amount of consumer goods in China is CNY 33 trillion, with the rapid growth of 10.4%. As the focus of the global retail industry, China is a huge market with large amount of consumers and ever-increasing consumer demand. With the concept and practice of t ‘’new retail’’, the traditional retail industry is transforming fast. The retail model innovation and reconstitution has taken place through new technologies and the combination of online and offline. The internet enterprise and online brands are considering developing the offline market and creating the scene marketing ecosphere for new retail.

Under the background of consumption upgrade and enterprise digitalization, the summit will gather the relevant colleagues to discuss the highlights on the concept and practice of new retail, social CRM, digital payment and store management, smart supply chain and new digital technologies. It will provide an excellent platform to the brand owners and service providers for learning, communication and cooperation. It will discover the road for the transforming of the traditional industries and drive the innovation and development of the retail industry in China.

We sincerely look forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

Best Regards,

China New Retail and Digital Innovation Summit 2017

Agenda at a Glance

Session 1: New Retail in China.

0900 The Current Situation and Trends of Retail in China.
0935 Case Study: What does ‘’New Retail’’ Look Like?

1010 Coffee Break

1040 Revolution and Imagination in the New Retail Era
1115 The Transformation from Traditional Retail to New Retail

1150 Luncheon

Session 2: Digital Transformation

1330 Amazon Go and Amazon Books: How to do digital business under consumption upgrade
1405 Big Data Drives Digital Transformation
1440 Excellent Solutions for Digital Transformation

1515 Coffee Break

Session 3: The Digital Retail Process

1545 Panel Discussion: How can Traditional Brands and Online Brands Embrace the Digital Retail Transformation?
1645 Build the Digital and Smart Supply Chain
1720 SCRM in the Digital Retail Era
1755 Digital Payment Strategies and Store Management

1830 End of Day 1

Session 4: New Trends / Methods and Technologies.

0900 Cloud Computing Drives Digital Innovation
0935 New Retail in the Internet of Things Age
1010 Digital Integration and Innovation led by Artificial Intelligence

1045 Coffee Break

1120 The Social Power is Leading the Consumers

1155 Luncheon

Session 5: Best Practice and Case Study in Various Industries.

1330 Be Mobile and Digital: Transforming consumer awareness and activations变
1405 Best Practice of Digital Innovation for B2B Enterprise
1440 What Can Luxury Brands Do in the Digital Retail Era?

1515 Coffee Break

1545 Omni Channel Innovation for Pharmaceutical Enterprise in the New Retail Era
1620 Now is the Time for Digital Stores
1655 How can FMCG and Cosmetics Industry win the Digital Battle ?

1730 End of Day 2