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China's vehicle industry development is confronted with enormous pressures from energy and environmental protection issues. According to Chinese Government, it is stipulated that by 2020, the average fuel consumption of passenger cars will be reduced to 5 liters / km. In order to reduce emission and energy consumption, satisfy ever-growing consumer demand for vehicles, vehicle lightweight is a future trend and essential for environment protection.

Global Automotive Lightweight Forum aims to be China's most practical lightweight vehicle congress, This Summit will provide stakeholder a platform for exchange and cooperation, bringing together top international and domestic OEMs and suppliers to tackle key questions of structure design ,processing, material selection to help OEMs create the next generation of light vehicles to jointly promote energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development of vehicle industry.

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Global Automotive Lightweight Forum 2018


Session 1: Overview of Automotive Lightweight Market Trends and Challenges

  • Current Trend of Automotive Lightweight Development in China and The Future Projection Of Safety And Emission Requirements
  • Global Environmental Policies, Regulations and Air Quality Control in Vehicles—USA, Europe and China

  • Session 2: Exploring OEMs’ Lightweight Strategy: Technological Routes and New Challenges

  • BAIC’s Light Weighting Efforts for Pure Electric Cars
  • BAIC’s Light Weighting Strategy: From Design to Material
  • Progress of BAIC’s Lightweight Pure Electric Cars: Road to Commercialization
  • GM’s Case Study- Lightweight Strategy and Their Latest R&D Progress
  • How GM Is Lightweighting Its Cars With Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Panel Discussion: How to Overcome Asia OEM’s New Challenges Raised by Emerging Techologies

  • Session 3: Innovative lightweight material selection and application

  • Evaluating the Application and demand of aluminum in the control arm, steering knuckle and other chassis parts
  • Newly-Developed Ultra High-strength Steel Technology for Next Generation Vehicles
  • Panel Discussion: How to Make Material Selection Strategies Based on Weight, Cost and Performance
  • Current Status of CFRP application for Mass Production of Epoxy Automotive Composites
  • Case Study: Evaluating Multi Materials Technology for Weight Reduction of Automotive
  • Session4: Automotive Lightweight innovation design for Structures and Components

  • Lightweight Design of Vehicle Interior Parts
  • Case study: Best Lightweight Design for BIW to Meet Cost, Safety And Energy Requirements
  • Panel Discussion: How to help OEMs Develop Economic, Safe and Effective Lightweight Vehicle with Lower Cost
  • Analyzing OEMs’ main challenges for lightweight vehicle development
  • Comparing traditional design vs. lightweight design
  • Brainstorming OEMs, Tier 1s and Lightweight Solution Providers’ different solutions for economic, safety and effective lightweight vehicle development
  • Best Design Architectures For Reducing The Weight Of The Body In White Without Compromising Strength

  • Session 5: Evaluating Advanced Lightweight Processing Technologies

  • Advanced Processing, Forming and Stamping Technologies in the Manufacturing Process of Structures
  • Innovative Bonding Solutions For Mixed Materials To Enable New Design Flexibility For Multi-Material Architecture
  • New energy vehicle lightweight structure connection technology solutions
  • Panel Discussion: Discussing New Lightweighting Requirements Bring by Vehicle Technology Evolution
  • Demonstrating High performance adhesives application in achieving stiffening and crash resistance, and enable multi-material joining
  • In the event brochure, you will know that the 3-day conference this year will more focus on China Insurance development


  • BY Job Title:
  • Chairman/President/CEO
  • Senior Vice President/Vice President
  • General Manager
  • Chief Engineer/Technical/Design/R&D Director
  • Chief Representative
  • Others

  • By Industry:
  • T1&T2 Suppliers
  • High-Strength Steels
  • High-Strength Steels
  • Aluminum Magnesium Alloys
  • Carbon Fiber
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