Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to attend the 4th Global Dairy Congress Asia 2018, which will be held in Singapore during June 11-12th, 2018.

Asian dairy market is one of the most attractive emerging markets in the world considering its potential for further expansion. Booming population, steady economies and healthier lifestyles are accelerating more consumption for dairy and dairy nutrition food in Asia. Emerging digital technologies are starting to transform the whole dairy sector.

However, this opportunity presents industry stakeholders with challenges of new engagement rules, high cost & low price, fierce competition, retail dynamics and safety trust issues. Particularly changing regional consumer requirements and demands for dairy and dairy alternative products have raised new challenges for local and international milk producers, dairy processors and food manufacturers.

The 4th Global Dairy Congress Asia 2018 aims to be No.1 dairy event in Asia for 200+ regional and international industry chain stakeholders to gain first-hand information on Asian emerging dairy countries, nutritional demands, dairy farm investment potentials, farming solutions, investment channels, processing optimization, dairy innovation, dairy safety together with digital solution application for future dairy processors and consumers.

I look forward to your participation in 4th Global Dairy Congress Asia 2018 event.

Best Regards,
Organizing Committee of 4th Global Dairy Congress Asia 2018

Agenda at A Glance

June 11

  • Session 1 Growing in Asian Emerging Dairy Countries
  • PM:
  • Session 2 Ensuring Dairy Safety for Asian Consumers
  • Session 3 Embracing New Technology for Future Dairy Sector
  • June 12

  • Session 4A Accelerating Sustainable Dairy Farm Development in Asia
  • Session 5A Unveiling Asian Dairy Farm Investment Potentials and Projects Showcase
  • PM:
  • Session 6A Productivity-Driven Dairy Farming Solutions to Increase Milk Yields
  • June 12

  • Session 4B Cost-Driven Dairy ProcessingOptimization
  • Session 5B Consumer-Driven Dairy Innovation for Growth
  • PM:
  • Session 6B Pursuing Nutritional and Healthy Dairy for Asian Consumers
  • In the event brochure, you will learn more details in the 2-day conferences (One Main Forum plus Two Sub-Forums) this year to accelerate growth in Asian Dairy Sector.