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Dear Colleagues,

With next stage Emission Standard publishing over the world, Vehicle Lightweight is facing new challenges. In china, the Sixth Stage Emission Standard has gone into heated discussion and the automakers in Chinese market have to consider new lightweight solutions.

Overview the development of vehicle lightweight, we can conclude three methods to achieve the lightweight: Material, Process, Structure. Metal material solutions have been widely applied on lightweight, and process technology has updated generation to generation, while structural design is also on the road.

However, what else can we do for next stage Emission Standards and OEMs how to solve the lightweight in low cost? What are the tendency and preference for OEMs to achieve the lightweight?

Welcome to join this advanced, creative and practical event to explore innovated application and low-cost solutions!

Best regards,
Organizing Committee of 2nd Global Vehicle Lightweight Innovation & Practice Forum 2018


Session One: Overview of Automotive Lightweight Market Trends and Challenges

  • Chinese Emission Standard
  • Lightweight of EV with Fuel Car

  • Session Two : Material Innovation

  • Joining Composites to Aluminum Alloy
  • Latest Wielding Solutions UHSS/AHSS and Aluminum
  • Use of Various Materials under Current Production Conditions
  • The Solutions of Cost Reduction
  • Innovative Application of Non-metal Material
  • Modified Plastics with Its Applications Advantage and Difficulties
  • Safety and Wear Resistance of Non-metal Materials
  • Session Three : Process Technology Revolution

  • 3D Printing Tech in the Rapid Prototyping
  • New Structural Adhesive in Body Forming
  • the Battery Lightweight on NEV
  • the Performance and Applied Methods of Resin Process

  • Session Four : Structure Lightweight Solutions

  • The Solutions of Lightweight Design while the Space Guaranteed
  • Reliable and Stable Chassis System Lightweight
  • Commercial Car Lightweight
  • Modular Integration Solutions

  • Session Five : Lightweight with Driving Stabilitys

  • NVH Optimization to Improve Driving Experience
  • Lightweight Materials, how to Guarantee Crashworthiness

  • In the event brochure, you will know that the 2-day conference this year will more focus on China Vehicle development


  • Regulators
  • OEMs
  • Component Supplier
  • Material Supplier
  • Adhesive Manufacturer
  • Processing Provider: Casting, Painting &Coating, Pressing, Assembly
  • Processing Equipment Manufacturer
  • CAE/CAX Simulation Software Companies
  • Technology Consultant and Server