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    Push the development under the reform policy of new medical

  • Tax Incentives and Effective Solutions
  • Effective Cooperation Models between Insurers and Medical Service Providers
  • The Integration of Internet Healthcare with Health Insurance
  • “Health Insurance + Health Management” Model
  • Payment Reform & Controlling the Cost

  • Mobile Payment
  • Direct Billing & Insurance
  • Prospective Payment System
  • "To See A Doctor Before Paying" System
  • National Basic Medical Insurance Drug List Adjustment
  • PBM: Global Practices and Developments in China
  • Case Study in Technology and Model of USA & Japan Health Insurance

  • Private Health Insurance in the USA
  • Managed Care in America
  • Japan Overseas Health Insurance
  • Japan Social Medical Insurance System
  • Big Data
  • Disruptive Technologies + Health Insurance

  • Wearable Devices
  • Genetic Testing
  • Mobile Health Apps
  • AI

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