Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is my greatest pleasure, on behalf of the Organizing Committee to welcome you to attend the Insurance Innovation Congress China 2017, to be held on June 28-29th, in Shanghai, China.

Health insurance is anticipated to grow into the 3rd biggest insurance category in China. The premium revenue increases very fast since 2012, with the average annual growth rate around 40%, which will remain or even increase in the coming years. The premium revenue of health insurance will reach 2-4 trillion RMB by 2020, compared with around 0.5 trillion RMB of this year, as industry experts predicted.

While compared with international mature markets, China’s health insurance still remains at the early stage. With the strong governmental policies and guidelines, the health insurance industry in China will enter a new stage. Innovations and breakthroughs will be everywhere in terms of market strategies, payment reform, cost control, product design, multi-industry integration, technologies and services.

Therefore, the congress in Shanghai, China, will offer you a comprehensive coverage of the innovations happening around and will happen in the coming years in the health Insurance market of China. Meanwhile, for those who are keen to find new investment opportunities or strengthen their presence in the China’s market, this two days congress will provide plenty of opportunities to meet your future partners.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of the Health Insurance Innovation Congress China 2017

Agenda at glance

Day 1 Session 1

Session 1: National Policies and New Market Strategies for Health Insurance Innovation

  • 09:00 Policy and New Strategies to Drive Private Health Insurance Development
  • 09:30 Health Care Reform in China: Progress and Next Steps
  • 10:00 National Basic Medical Insurance Drug List Adjustment in China: Timeline, Progress and Impacts
  • 10:30 Networking Coffee Break
  • 11:00 Managed Care: the US Experience
  • 11:30 A Contrast on China’s and global Health Insurance Industry by 2020
  • 12:00 The Cooperation mode of Insurers and hospitals
  • 12:30 Networking Luncheon
  • Day 1 Session 2

    Session 2: Payment Reform and Cost Control Issues in Health Insurance Innovation

  • 14:00 Health Insurance Payment Reform Required to Support Internet Healthcare Development
  • 14:30 Direct Billing & Insurance: Breakthroughs for This Model
  • 15:00 Prospective Payment System and Practices of Shanghai
  • 15:30 Networking Coffee Break
  • 16:00 PBM: Global Practices and Developments in China
  • 16:30 The Experimental Practices and Exploration of Chinese Hierarchical Medical System
  • 17:00 Modern Hospital System and Health Insurance Cost Control
  • 17:30 “Insurance +Medical Treatment” Mode: the Management and Development of Insurer-Invested hospital
  • 18:00 Effective Methods and Suggestions for Health Insurers to Control Claim Costs
  • 18:30 Leaders’ Group: Strategies for Keeping Health Insurance Costs Down
  • 19:10 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & the End of Day One Conference
  • Day 2 Sub-Forum 1

    Sub-Forum 1: Health Insurance Product Development and Innovation

  • 09:00 Current Status and Prospects of China’s Private Health Insurance: Innovation in Market and Products
  • 09:30 Private Health Insurance in the USA: Mechanism, Models and Products
  • 10:00 High-End Private Medical Insurance in China: Future Developments and Product Designs
  • 10:30 Networking Coffee Break
  • 11:00 Opportunities of Developing Middle-End Private Medical
  • Insurance Products in China and Practices
  • 11:30 Development of Second Opinion and Treatment Abroad in China & Case Study
  • 12:00 Panel Discussion: The Innovative Trends for Health Insurance Product Development in China
  • 12:40 Networking Luncheon
  • 14:00 “The Practice Sharing of “Health Insurance + Health Management” Model
  • 14:30 Effective Cooperation Models and Integration Trends between Insurers and Medical Service Provider
  • 15:00 Chronic Disease Management and Its Future with Health Insurance
  • 15:30 Networking Luncheon
  • 16:00 Medical Group Development in China and Its Impacts on Health Insurance Breakthrough
  • 16:30 Integration of Internet Healthcare with Health Insurance/li>
  • 17:00 Prospects of Long-Term Care Insurance and China Life’s Practices
  • 17:30 Long-Term and Short-Term Disability Income Insurance Products
  • 18:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & the End of Day Two Conference
  • Day 2 Sub-Forum 2

    Sub-Forum 2: Disruptive Technologies and Services for Health Insurance Innovation

  • 09:00 The Disruptive Forces of Internet on Health Insurance Industry and How It Changes Everything
  • 09:30 Current Development and Future Trends of Mobile Healthcare in China
  • 10:00 Wearable Devices& Mobile Health Apps and Their Applications in Health Insurance
  • 10:30 Networking Coffee Break
  • 11:00 Genetic Testing and Its Potentials for Health Insurance
  • 11:30 AI: The Next Stage in Healthcare and Its Impacts on Health Insurance
  • 12:00 Networking Luncheon
  • 14:00 Panel Discussion: The Disruptive Forces of Technology on Health Insurance Industry
  • 14:30 Digitalization of Healthcare and Health Insurance
  • 15:00 Healthcare Big Data and Data Analytics to Disrupt Health Insurance Business
  • 15:30 Networking Coffee Break
  • 16:00 Health Insurance Fraud Prevention with Big Data and Analytics
  • 16:30 Customer Experience Improvement Solutions in Health Insurance
  • 17:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & the End of Day Two Conference
  • HIIC China 2017 concludes the topics of national policies, market strategies, payment reform, cost control, product design, multi-industry integration, technologies and services, to assist all the people in the health Insurance in achieving Innovations and Breakthroughs.
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