Dear Colleagues,

As the aggravation of environmental problems caused by vehicle emissions and the global energy crisis is gathering more attention around the world, State Council issued “Made in China 2025”, proposed NEV as key areas of development, and clearly continues to support the development of electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, to grasp the development strategy of low carbon vehicles, information, intelligent core technology. “Electrification, intelligent&connected, lightweight” vehicle has become the main trend for automotive development and experienced explosive growth in recent years.

In this context, with the aim of Electrification, Intelligent & Connected, lightweight, NEV Tech Asia 2017 provides a leading conversation for global OEMs and key suppliers, delivers comprehensive analysis of key technologies. Our co-located forum will gather over 300+ senior Participants from New Energy Passenger Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle OEMs , 600+ powerful key decision makers, offering a networking platform for government, international OEMs, domestic OEMs, T1 suppliers, global solutions providers, research institute and service providers.

Organizing Committee of New Energy Vehicle Technology Asia 2017

Agenda at a Glance

Session 1 Market Overview, Policy Guidelines and Future Opportunities for NEV Industry

 ♦ Policy: “Made in China 2025”
 ♦ Panel discussion: How to tackle challenging market in the face of gradually withdraw of the subsidy policy

Session 2 Intelligent & Connected vehicle and Autonomous Driving

 ♦ Autonomous driving development under China’s “Belt and Road Initiative" plan
 ♦ V2X, V2G, V2V, V2H technology
 ♦ Case study: Tesla’s autonomous driving strategy LETV’s time share lease strategy

Parallel Forum 1: Power Battery-Standards, Safety, Technology, Materials and EV charging Infrastructure

 ♦ Power battery Testing standards, regulations & technology
 ♦ Innovative battery
 ♦ V2B and V2G capability
 ♦ The charging pile operation analysis and prospects with "Internet+" concept
 ♦ Panel discussion: Battery Swap or Fast Charging

Parallel Forum 2: New Energy Vehicle Powertrain and Electronic Control System Technology

 ♦ Ford Motor’s electrification of powertrain strategy in China
 ♦ Full drive system integration and control technology
 ♦ AVL Electrification Testing Solutions - E-Drive
 ♦ Panel Discussion: How to realize key technological breakthrough for self-owned brand car enterprises

Parallel Forum 3: Automotive lightweight technology

 ♦ Current situation and development trend of Lightweight vehicle
 ♦ Lightweight design inside the vehicle
 ♦ Panel discussion: A conversation between global OEMs and global material suppliers
 ♦ Panel discussion: Global and regional lightweight trends

In the event brochure, you will know the 2-day conference this year will more focus on the progress of NEVTech ASIA projects.