Agenda at a Glance

  • Session 1: Grasp Opportunities in Egypt and MENA: More Bidding Rounds and New Incentives
  • Session 2: International Experience Sharing and Updates from MENA and Global Key Players
  • Session 3: Refreshing Seismic Survey Results of Mediterranean & Red Sea
  • Session 4: Spotlighting on Egypt and MENA Offshore Projects Updates
  • Session 5: Empowering MENA Offshore Projects: Safety, Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness
  • Session 6: Showcasing Innovative Technologies and Practices for MENA Offshore Projects

Hot Topics

  • 1. Strategy and Incentives to Build Egypt as Regional Oil and Gas Hub
  • 2.Next Hot Region of Egypt: Bidding Round in Red Sea
  • 3.EGPC/EGAS Offshore Project Updates: Progress and Drilling Plans
  • 4.Egypt Hot Project Focus: Sidri South Project at A Glance
  • 5.Updates on Offshore Discoveries and Explorations in Cyprus EEZ, especially Aphrodite Gas Field
  • 6.A Fresh Look at Eni’s Offshore Steps in Mediterranean: New Discoveries and Future Plan
  • 7.Tackling Total’s Offshore Strategy in MENA
  • 8.Incentive Policies for Future Offshore Development from Bahrain, Algeria
  • 9.Upcoming Offshore Investment and E&P Opportunity in Israel, Lebanon
  • 10.Refreshing Seismic Survey Results of Mediterranean & Red Sea
  • 11.Collaboration in Khalij Al-Bahrain Basin: Timelines and Drilling Plan
  • 12.Empowering MENA Offshore Projects: Safety, Cyber Risk, Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness and Showcasing Technologies

Country Focus & Hot Project

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