Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,
It is my pleasure to welcome you to attend the 2nd Offshore Mexico Congress 2017 event, which will be held in Mexico City during November 13-14th, 2017.

Earlier this year, CNH authorized 2-D and 3-D campaigns totaling 226,800 sq km (87,568 sq miles). More than 2 million sq km (772,204 sq miles) of new 2-D and 3-D seismic are expected to lure companies to Mexico’s E&P sector.

In February, SENER and CNH revealed that 23 deepwater, 17 shallow-water and 26 onshore exploration areas—with a total of 10.8 BBOE of prospective resources—will be up for grabs in rounds 2, 3 and 4. Mexico will also auction 144 onshore, 39 shallow-water and two offshore heavy oil production blocks with combined remaining resources of 2.94 BBOE. Pemex also demonstrated plenty of partnership opportunities in its 2017-2021 Business Plan. Upcoming licensing rounds may be even more enticing for newcomers.

Although current low oil price has delayed many global upstream projects, but Mexico’s ambition and sincere, as well as the lack of infrastructure, local technical capability and budget for exploring, will show more opportunities for global offshore players.

The 2nd Offshore Mexico Congress 2017 aims to be a timely platform for global stakeholders to understand and success in Mexico offshore sector, by presenting the latest E&P regulation & policies changes, new biddings and Pemex farm-out blocks’ information & investment opportunities, awarded projects’ progress, international good practice & innovative technology showcase, together with unlimited opportunities for international peers to network with local governors, regulators, operators, and suppliers for future cooperation.

I look forward to your participation in 2nd Mexico Offshore Congress 2017.

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of 2nd Offshore Mexico Congress 2017


    Session 1: Invest in Mexico Upstream: New Rules and More Opportunities

  • 0900 Energy Reform. Exploration and Production Update
  • 1000 Data Revolution in the E&P sector in Mexico
  • 1030 Networking Coffee Break
  • 1100 Exploring Mexico’s Hydrocarbon Supply Chain Opportunities for National Content Goals
  • 1130 The Mexican energy reform. An opportunity to institutionalize the Mexican company
  • 1200~1230 Panel Discussion: Navigating Investment in Mexico Offshore Sector: Opportunities, Challenges, Concerns and Strategies
  • 1300 Networking Luncheon

    Session 2: Success in Mexico Offshore Business: Sustainable Regulatory Frameworks and Optimized Strategies

  • 1400 Mexican regulation inside the FDP
  • 1430 ProMéxico's participation in business opportunities in the energy sector: support and services
  • 1500 Updating Environmental Requirements and Safety Standards for Mexico Offshore Projects
  • 1530 Networking Coffee Break
  • 1600 Focus of IMP research in the framework of the new oil industry in Mexico
  • 1630 Mexican Upstream Government Take Numbers and Trends
  • 1700 Increasing the Bottom Line through Management of Weather Risk in Offshore Operations
  • 1730 Chairman’s Remarks & End of Day One Conference

    Session 3: Offshore Projects in Mexico: Progress and Prospects

  • 0900 Restricted Areas for Exploration and Production Activities. In the Context of the Energy Reform in Hydrocarbons
  • 0930 DeepStar – a Global Offshore Technology Research and Development Consortium to tackle offshore technology challenges
  • 1000 Petroleos Mexicanos: Challenges and Opportunities
  • 1030 Networking Coffee Break
  • Session 4: Inspiration from Global Offshore Leaders: Good Practice and Next Wave

  • 1100 IMP Technology for Offshore Production
  • 1130 How Norwegian Industry in Oil and Gas could contribute to green economic growth in Mexico
  • 1200 A Partnership in Knowledge and Discovery: Cooperation between Academia and the Public and Private Sectors
  • 1230 Networking Luncheon

    Session 5: Offshore Technologies for Mexico: Innovation and Cooperation

  • 1400 Low Motion FPSO (LM FPSO), a Game Changing Technology
  • 1430 The Latest Precise Subsea 3D measurement Technology
  • 1500 Oil Spill Response Requirements and Trends for New Oil Spill Response Preparedness for Drilling Operators in Mexico and What NRC is Providing in Mexico
  • 1530 Networking Coffee Break
  • 1600 Innovations in Offshore Operations
  • 1630 Mexico in the Landscape of Recent Licensing Rounds
  • 1700 Chairman’s Remarks & End of Conference
  • 1430 The Latest Precise Subsea 3D measurement Technology

Gulf of Mexico is an exploring hot spot for international offshore players. Mexico acts as an emerging market in the region, attracting more attention. OMC will focus on the latest policy and strategy in the country, ongoing projects and upcoming deepwater bidding in Round One, learning technology and project management from the excellent projects around Gulf of Mexico. The event brochure will show you the details including presentations speakers and topics, sponsor packages, etc.


  • The 1st and only event focused on offshore oil & gas in Mexico
  • Keynote Speech from local government & NOC: Ministry of energy, CNH, PEMEX, ASEA...
  • Join in 200+ senior industry executives and enjoy high level peer-to-peer networking
  • Examin the key challenges and opportunities of the emerging part of Gulf of Mexico-Offshore Mexico Sector
  • Acquire latest Information about the upcoming deepwater bidding in Round One Phase Four & shallow water Round 2.1
  • From international lessons around Gulf of Mexico to deepwater project update in Mexico
  • Technology showcase to know the adavanced solutions to save cost
  • Policy and special terms for Offshore Mexico
  • Latest Information about the upcoming Deepwater bidding
  • Potential opportunities for foreign companies and local firms
  • Project Update: Lakach deepwater project in Mexico
  • Case Study: Parque das Conchas deepwater project in Brazil
  • Case Study: US Julia deepwater project
  • Government
  • IOCs&NOCs
  • EPCI Contractor
  • Drilling Contractors & Services
  • Oilfield Services
  • Subsea Technology & Engineering
  • Geophysical Services/ Seismic
  • Leading Shipyard/ Fabricator
  • Floating Production System
  • Offshore Support Vessels
  • Transprotation/ Logistics
  • Consultancy & Law Firm & Financing Institute
  • Others Support Services