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    With the rapid development of economy, Chinese pay more and more attention to the health of themselves, together with the advent of an aging population, social health risk is increasingly prominent. How to further improve the overall level of the healthcare industry of the country and meet people's growing needs of good life? This is the question that all industry participants have been thinking about. Since late 2015, the national ministries and agencies have frequently issued a number of policies, promoting the construction of medical informatization, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and medical treatment combination. Meanwhile, related authorities continue to encourage the application and entrepreneurship of new technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence in the field of health care. In July2017, the state council promulgated "About New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan“. At the Same time, innovation technology applications such as medical data, artificial intelligence, getting breakthrough time and again. Precision Medicine, Internet Healthcare, Mobile Healthcare, and other areas of the emerging Smart Healthcare became eye-catching.

    Relevant data show that in 2016-2018 global Smart Healthcare expenditure annual compound growth rate will reach 60%.To 2018, the global Smart Healthcare spending, such as remote monitoring, diagnostic equipment, ancillary equipment and physiological data monitoring, is expected to reach $29 billion. China healthcare artificial intelligence market capacity will even reach 20 billion. Wearable devices, healthcare mobile and health management self-diagnosis, customized insurance products, big data management and analysis will be hot fields of Smart Healthcare during the period of "13th Five-Year Plan" .Emerging technologies such as Cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile Internet, social networking media, will get further application in the healthcare industry.

    For the fourth time the industrial revolution came today, moving towards intelligent has become a basic consensus of healthcare industry, Smart healthcare and its attached information ,not only has brought almost subversive change to the whole process of medical services, at the same time, it already has the characteristics of the application feasibility and value creating. But how to identify the direction of the wind, catch the opportunity of intelligent era in the fierce competition Chinese Healthcare market, become the concern of the whole industry practitioners.

    Under this background, “Smart Healthcare China Summit 2018”, jointly organized by SZ&W and related industry authorities will be held in Shanghai on June 1-2, 2018. This event will focus on the latest development of greater health, big data, artificial intelligence, precision medical, smart hospital and health management industry, sharing the cutting edge business model and technology applications, exploring business opportunities in smart healthcare industry. Leaders and experts from government agency, association, hospitals, health management companies, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, technology and equipment vendors, research institutions, consulting companies will gather in this grand event and have extensive and in-depth discussion to explore new direction of healthcare technology, providing the industry players the most valuable information and foresight. We are looking forward to your participation, gathering in Shanghai, sharing this great event.

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