Welcome Message

On behalf of SZW Group, it is our sincere pleasure to invite you to attend the World Gas Congress, Africa 2016(WGC, Africa 2016). This event will be organized on January 21-22, in Maputo, Mozambique, co-located with 2nd Deepwater East & Southern Africa 2016.

It is the best platform to help Africa gas authorities and operators solve challenges in gas industry development & LNG projects, also a good opportunity for service and technology providers to show their technical competitive edge to help stakeholders developing LNG strategies.

Back by popular demand, WGC, Africa 2016 will have more than 300 professionals within gas industry around the world, providing a valuable opportunity for networking and more precise grasp the updated information about the regulations, projects and strategies from industry experts. Besides, you can also have a particular view of Africa deepwater potential, as well as extend your business networks into the upstream segment.

We welcome all the gas professionals to join these two conferences to exactly evaluate Africa gas potential from upstream to midstream & downstream.

Organizing Committee of WGC, Africa2016

Organizing Committee of Deepwater East & Southern Africa 2016


Africa Gas Trends & Prospects

0900 Africa gas trend and opportunities
0930 Africa: How to take an advantage edge in the fierce gas trade competition among Russia, US, Australia and other emerging countries
1000 Challenges Facing African Gas Development

Promoting Africa Gas Industry Sustainable Development

1100 The Participation of the National Content in the Mega Projects Industry
1130 Local Content Key Enabler for Oil and Gas Projects
1200 Panel Discussion: Discussing the current challenges and opportunities in Africa regional gas & LNG market

Updating Africa Upstream E&P Activities to Evaluate Gas & LNG Potential

1400 Panel Discussion: Examining the onshore & offshore E&P activities in Eastern Africa

Exploring Africa LNG Shipping Market

1430 Analyzing the potential of Africa LNG shipping market in the low oil price background
1500 Discussing the challenges from the aspects of technology, standards, cost in Africa LNG ship market

Monetizing Africa Huge Gas Reserves

1600 Improving gas transmission & logistics infrastructures to accelerate Africa gas & LNG development
1630 Information Technology and Communication Capabilities in Mozambique
1700 Managing the risk and cost in gas to LNG projects

Country Updates: New Gas Discoveries, Licensing Round, Gas to LNG/Power Projects East Africa

0900 Mozambique: LNG exportation strategy and projects progress
0925 Tanzania: Examining E&P development and gas plans
0950 Uganda: Updating the new Licensing round and gas marketing development
1040 South Africa Gas Market: What to expect in 2016
1110 Panel Discussion: Improving LNG Project Effectively and Efficiency

1400 Panel Discussion: Optimizing current gas regulatory environment in emerging countries to secure its gas and LNG Development

Session Six: Securing the Gas & LNG Projects Successful Development in Emerging Countries

1430 Learning the LNG facilities (LNG plants, terminals) and solutions to enhance LNG project efficiency
1500 Legal and institutional frameworks for better governance and management in the oil and gas Sector
1530 Networking & Refreshment
1600 Evaluating the benefits of onshore LNG VS offshore FLNG
1630 Financing large oil & gas projects in Africa
1700 Learning the typical contracts in LNG importation & exportation

In the event brochure, you will know that the 2-day conference this year will focus on Africa gas project, LNG plant, LNG/FLNG shipping


  • 2 Conferences have 6 Coffee Breaks Together
  • 300+ ATTENDEES
  • Africa Gas Trends & Prospects
  • Promoting Africa Gas Industry Sustainable Development
  • Updating Africa Upstream E&P Activities to Evaluate Gas & LNG Potential
  • Exploring Africa LNG Shipping Market
  • Monetizing Africa Huge Gas Reserves
  • Country Updates: New Gas Discoveries, Licensing Round,Gas to LNG/Power Projects
  • Securing the Gas & LNG Projects Successful Development in Emerging Countries
  • NOC /IOC
  • Government Agency & Research/Academic Institute
  • LNG Company
  • LNG Trading Company
  • LNG Equitment and Service Vendor
  • EPC Contractor
  • LNG Shipping Operator
  • Shipyard/Ship Owner/Ship Leasing Company
  • Law Firm & Energy Consulting & Risk Management Company
  • Investment Bank & Insurance Company & Financial Institute