Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to attend the 3rd World Gas & LNG Conference-Exhibition Russia 2018 (GAS-Russia 2018), which will be held on October 18-19, 2018, in Moscow, Russia.

Looping in 150+ professionals within gas industry around the world, GAS-Russia 2018 will provide a valuable opportunity for international players to network with the local community and more clearly & exactly grasp the updated information about Russia gas development policies, regulation frameworks, projects and engagement strategies from industry experts.

It is not only a timely platform to help Russian gas authorities and operators solve challenges in development of LNG, pipeline, and small scale LNG, but also a good opportunity for service and technology providers to show their technical competitive edge.

We welcome all the gas professionals to join this conference to seek new business opportunities for Russian Gas Industry.

Organizing Committee of 3rd World Gas & LNG Conference-Exhibition Russia 2018


Session 1: Russian Gas Development Plan & Export Strategy

  • 0900 Spotlighting 5-Year Development Plan of Russian Gas Industry
  • 0930 Unveiling Gas Value Chain Potentials in Russia
  • 1000 The Way to Form the Oil and Gas Cooperation Community between China and Russia
  • 1030 Networking & Exhibition Visit
  • 1100 New Russian Gas Flows to Asia Pacific Region: Status at Present and Facing Challenges
  • 1130 Strategic Cooperation with Iran in Gas Sector
  • 1200 Panel Discussion:Discussing Russia’s Gas Export Competitive Strength under the Intense Competition of Global Gas Export
  • 1230 Lunch & Exhibition Visit
  • Session 2: Exploring Gas Market Opportunity by Adopting New Solutions

  • 1400 Potentials & Prospective to Use Gas as a Transportation Fuel
  • 1430 Financing Strategies for Russia Gas / LNG Projects
  • 1500 Prospective of Developing Small Scale LNG Projects in Russia
  • 1530 Networking & Exhibition Visit
  • 1600 Gas & LNG Exchange Trading: To Create Sound Marketing Opportunities for National and International Investors and Operators
  • 1630 Application of Tax Benefits for LNG Projects and Recent Tax Incentives
  • 1700 Supply Chain Planning & Optimization in Transportation of Gas
  • 1730 End of Day One Conference & Exhibition Visit
  • Session 3: Project Plan & Progress of Major Gas Projects

  • 0900 Spotlighting Project Plan & Progress of Yamal LNG Project
  • 0930 Vysotsk LNG – Developing the Future of Russian Small Scale LNG Projects
  • 1000 Aurora Project: Developing a Network of LNG Bunkering Centres in the Baltic and North Sea Area
  • 1030 Networking & Exhibition Visit
  • 1100 Updates Project Progress of Major Gas Pipeline Projects
  • Session 4: Engineering Experience Sharing to Improve Efficiency & Profits

  • 1130 Case Study:Drawing on Toyo's Experience to Construct LNG Projects in Harsh Cold Environment
  • 1200 Case Study:Learning LNG Project Economics to Optimize OPEX & CAPEX
  • 1230 Panel Discussion:Discussing the major challenges for LNG & Gas projects execution in Russia
  • 1300 Luncheon & Exhibition Visit
  • Session 5: Technology Innovations in LNG Plant & LNG Shipping

  • 1400 Technip's Plan to Develop Gravity-based LNG Facilities for Arctic LNG 2
  • 1430 DNV GL’s Experience to Support Local National Requirements & Risk Management
  • 1500 Networking & Exhibition Visit
  • 1530 Using Integrated Geared Compressors to Reduce Project Risk & Cost in Mixed Refrigerant Cycles
  • 1600 Taking Advantages of Northern Sea Route to Improve Efficiency of Large Scale Module Transportation
  • 1630 Using Membrane Technologies to Reduce the Cost in LNG Marine Fuel Overall Chain
  • 1700 Using High-Tech Infocommunication & Engineering to Ensure High-quality Implementation of LNG Projects
  • 1730 End of Day Two& Exhibition Visit
  • 3rd World Gas & LNG Russia 2018 is the best platform to meet the key government & operators from Russia, and grasp the latest progress of major gas projects, and plannings of new proposed Gas & LNG projects.


  • NOC /IOC
  • Government Agency & Research/Academic Institute
  • LNG Company
  • LNG Trading Company
  • LNG Equipment and Service Vendor
  • EPC Contractor
  • LNG Shipping Operator
  • Shipyard/Ship Owner/Ship Leasing Company
  • Law Firm & Energy Consulting & Risk Management Company
  • Investment Bank & Insurance Company & Financial Institute