Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is my greatest pleasure, on behalf of the Organizing Committee to welcome you to attend the 4th World Gas & LNG Conference-Exhibition Russia 2019, to be held on October 29-30th, in Moscow, Russia.

As a country holds the largest natural gas reserves in the world, Russia has an ambitious plan to boost its gas and LNG development and exports.

Russian gas export to its traditional European market is still anticipated to be on the rise under the uncertain political and economic environment. The construction of more gas pipelines, especially the Nord Stream 2 and TurStream pipelines will strengthen Russia’s direct supply to its European customers.

Given its tremendous growth potentials, Asia (especially China) will be the most important region for Russia’s gas exports. The Power of Siberia pipeline is expected to be completed at the end of 2019, and the project will mark a significant upturn in the gas sector relationship between Russia and China.

Russia will play a very important role in global LNG market. Besides the 2 operational LNG Sakhalin II and Yamal LNG projects, Russia also has several other planned or proposed LNG projects both in large scale, and small- and mid-scale. And the following are among the most important LNG projects to watch in 2019: Yamal LNG, Sakhalin II Expansion, Arctic LNG-2, Baltic LNG, and Far East LNG.

The 4th World Gas & LNG Conference-Exhibition Russia 2019 aims to bring together all the stakeholders in Russian gas and LNG industry to explore the opportunities and challenges in the market. Governments, regulatory authorities, operators, owners/investors, R&Ds, associations, EPCs, technology vendors , professional service providers and other related organizations will share valuable insights into Russian gas and LNG industry with topics developed around global new trends, Russian landscape, infrastructure, financing and investment, LNG and pipeline project updates, project management, supply chain and advanced technologies. Meanwhile, for those who are keen to find new investment opportunities or strengthen their presence in this market, our two-day event will also provide a cozy platform to meet your future partners.


09:00-12:30 Session 1: The Landscape of Gas & LNG Industry in Russia under Global New Trends

14:00-14:40 Panel Discussion: What are the Opportunities and Challenges of Gas & LNG Industry Development in Russia under the Ever Changing Global Environment?

14:40-17:40 Session 2: Boosting Gas & LNG Development in Russia

09:00-12:30 Session 3: Gas & LNG Project Updates in Russia

14:00-14:40 Panel Discussion: How to Move forward with the Gas and LNG Projects in Russia?

14:40-18:10 Session 4: Project Management, Supply Chain and Advanced Technologies in Gas & LNG Industry

4th World Gas & LNG Russia 2019 is the best platform to meet the key government & operators from Russia, and grasp the latest progress of major gas projects, and plannings of new proposed Gas & LNG projects.


  • NOC /IOC
  • Government Agency & Research/Academic Institute
  • LNG Company
  • LNG Trading Company
  • LNG Equipment and Service Vendor
  • EPC Contractor
  • LNG Shipping Operator
  • Shipyard/Ship Owner/Ship Leasing Company
  • Law Firm & Energy Consulting & Risk Management Company
  • Investment Bank & Insurance Company & Financial Institute