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The Association of Turkish Electricity Industry (shortly called TESAB) was founded in accordance with the Ministerial Decree No: 2005/9060 dated 20.06.2005; and it is ruled by Law on Associations, being allowed to participate, actively in international activities related to the development and competitiveness of the electricity;  as well as to be the member of EURELECTRIC.

In general the objectives of the association are; to examine the questions, related directly or indirectly, to the generation, transmission, distribution, wholesale, retail sale services, export, import and consumption of electricity, and more specifically on the relevant social, political, technical, legal and institutional issues; and to give guidance to its members in addressing to their actual problems in those mentioned areas; to collect and harmonize data and information on the electricity sector; and to disseminate this information widely; to facilitate and promote the communication and consultation among the members of the Association, authorities and international organizations, to organize meetings, seminars and similar activities and within the restructuring approach in integration with the European Union, to review the situation and issues of the all the public and private companies in the Turkish electricity sector and to assist them in this process.

Last 2 years, TESAB realized the writing and publishing the book named “Electrical Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency” as a social responsibility project. The book, consist of 4 volumes,  were sent to the engineering departments of universities,  free of charge. Books set will be a resource book for professionals in the energy sector.

TESAB has an office in Ankara, led by the Secretary General, for the fulfillment of the above mentioned activities.

TESAB membership is composed of corparete members  and personal members.

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