Prof. A. Beril Tugrul
Head of Nuclear Researches Division,
Energy Institute
Energy Institute-Istanbul Technical University

She gained PhD degree in 1984. She was Vice Director at ITU-INE in 1988 ¨C 1999 and Head of Nuclear Applications Division in 1997-2001. She has been Professor in ITU Energy Institute as head of Nuclear Researches Division and has been lecture in Gebze Technical University and also Military Academia on energy policy. She is also coordinator for "Radiation Science and Technology" graduate program.

She has member of TAEA since June 2011. She was Vice president TAEA - Nuclear Safety Committee in 1998-2000. She was also member of TAEA ¨C Consulting Committee between 1997 and 2003. She has over 250 publications. 50 MSc students and 14 PhD students have graduated under her supervising. She gained an energy-scientific award from ICCI and also gained a women Scientist award in March 2012.


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