Why You Can't Miss? >>
 ♦ First and only event in India to present the regulation framework and projects showcase in India deepwater
 ♦ Technology showcase session with advanced technology provides you with business opportunities to become a technology partner with ONGC.
 ♦  Networking with big names such as Government representatives from MoP&NG, DGH and the operators like ONGC, RIL, OIL and BG.
 ♦  Updated NELP Ⅹ, new MRSC term as well as tax incentive equip you with first-hand local content information.

Who Should Attend?>>
 ♦ IOCs&NOCs
 ♦  Independent Oil Company
 ♦ Oilfield Services Company
 ♦ EPC Contractor
 ♦ Drilling Contractors
 ♦  Register of shipping
 ♦ Subsea Technology and Engineering
 ♦ Geophysical Services/ Seismic
 ♦ Leading Shipyard
 ♦ Floating Production System
 ♦ Offshore Support Vessels
 ♦ Consultancy & Law Firm & Financing Institute
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Part of Confirmed & Inviting Speakers >>
Agenda >>
  Day 1 Nov. 26, 2015 Day 2 Nov. 27, 2015
A.M. Uncovering Deepwater Potential & Prospect in India
Updating Legal and Regulatory Framework: Dramatic Transformation in NELP X
Case Study and Projects Update in India Deepwater Areas
P.M. Tacking Challenge for Deepwater Sustainable Development
Strengthen Local & International Partnerships
Deepwater Technical Showcase Sessions
Key Topics >>
 ♦ Unlocking the Huge Hydrocarbon Potential in India Deepwater Areas.
 ♦ Introducing the Future NELP X.
 ♦ Uncovering New PSC: Revenue Sharing Contract Applied in Coming NELP X.
 ♦ Discovering the Tax Policy Trend to more Attractive for Foreign Investors.
 ♦ Addressing the Influence of Natural Gas Pricing Regime on Deepwater Gas Exploration.
 ♦ Dealing with the Huge Gap on Standards between International and Local in order to Avoid Capital Loss and better Collaboration.
 ♦ Grasping the Opportunity for Foreign Companies Resulted from Lack of Related Technology for Local Operators.
 ♦ The Reserve, Prospect, Challenge and Experience in Successful KG-D6 Basin.
 ♦ New Deepwater Discovery and FEED in KG-DWN-98/2 Basin.
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News Room >>
 ♦ Nov.17,2015
What Will Free Gas Pricing & Revenue Sharing for Exploration Bring to India

 ♦ Oct.29,2015
ONGC Launches Tender for Neelam Re-development off India

 ♦ Sept.24,2015
Will Pricing Freedom for 69 Oil & Gas Fields in NELP-X Bolster Indian Exploration?

 ♦ Sept.17,2015
Another Discovery Found in KG-D5 off India by ONGC

 ♦ Sept.10,2015
10 Tenders from Cairn India Light up the Offshore Downturn
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