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In the past decade, driven by both policy and market, China's commercial health insurance market has experienced rapid development. China's aging population, the rise of the middle class and the awakening of national health awareness will bring a broader market space for health insurance, and health insurance will gradually play a more important role in the reform of the medical system. At the same time, customer preferences are becoming clearer, and the need for omni-channel services for health management is becoming more prominent. At present, China's commercial health insurance market has entered a stage of increasingly fierce competition. With the emergence of “Million Medical” insurance and the competition of critical illness insurance, companies have flooded into the market, and price competition has intensified. The health insurance products of various companies have a high degree of homogeneity. The industry faces many challenges.

With the introduction of data compliance regulatory requirements and the dynamic changes in the industry, the industry reshaping trend will require flexibility to ensure implementation. As important players in the health insurance industry, insurers recognize the importance of rapid response.Exploring how to promote health insurance ecosystems, and striving towards an integrated customer experience has become a strategic path for more and more health insurance companies.

China Health Insurance Ecosystems and Customer Experience Conference & EXPO 2022 aims to promote the joint establishment of a new customer-centric health management ecosystem which will gather 500+ Top talents from insurers, reinsurers, government®ulatory,insurance brokers,insurtech,insurance ecosystem partners, investors,IT vendor market ,research and consulting institutions to jointly discuss the development trends of the health insurance market, the way for insurance companies to develop health management systems, innovation of distributed business models, application of insurtech, the process and standards of health insurance management, how to coordinate multi-party cooperation and benefit distribution, and the new ecology of health management other topics.

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Organizing Committee of China Health Insurance Ecosystems and Customer Experience Conference & EXPO 2022

Event at a Glance


Session 1: Direction:Improve the multi-level medical security system and promote the development of commercial health insurance

Session 2: Trend: New ecological patterns of big health industry


Session 3: Path: Build health management capabilities and overcome health insurance challenges

Session 4: Driving: Discuss the application of disruptive technology


Session 1: Layout: Explore the platform model and build a health management system

Session 2: Case Study:Health insurance business cooperation


Session 3: Platform: Managed healthcare

Session 4: Disruption: Distributed business model innovation


Session 1:Risk control system construction:Data sharing and technology application

Session 2: Marketing model and channel innovation


Session 3: Dig deep into existing customer demand

Session 4: Innovation space on the supply side of health insurance