WNNBC£¨UK£©2015 Agenda
Day One
(Sept 7th, 2015)
Day Two
(Sept 8th, 2015)

Day Three
(Sept 9th, 2015)
World Nuclear
New Build Map
UK Nuclear New Build Focus
♦ Turkey-Middle East Focus
♦ South-East Asia Focus
♦ Africa Focus
♦ Europe Focus
♦ South Asia Focus
♦ South America Focus
Session 1: Growing Opportunities of UK new build NPPs
Session 2: Financing and Investment – a remaining Challenge
Session 3: Advanced Project Management and Construction Methods for New Build Programmes
Session 4: Supply Chain Management with Nuclear Safety Related Items or Services
Session 5: Skills development and Localization Strategies- a long term and urgent Issue
Session 6: Waste Management and Long-Term Prospects
Past Participants Breakdown
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