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2nd World Nuclear New Build Congress (UK) 2015

The 2nd World Nuclear New Build Congress (UK) 2015 will be held on September 7-9, 2015 in London, UK. The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to come and actively participate in this intriguing event.

The UK has 16 reactors (totaling 10 GWe capacity) generating about 18% of its electricity and all but one of these will be retired by 2023. The government aims to have 16 GWe (£50 billion) of new nuclear capacity on line by 2025, with the aim of the first new nuclear power station (on current timetables) starting operations in 2019. Among the whole capacity building programme, EDF Energy aims to develop 6.4GWe at Hinkley Point and Sizewell, Horizon Nuclear Power targets for 6 GWe at Wylfa and Oldbury, and NuGen. goes for 3.6 GWe at Sellafield.

From the agreement in March 2013 until now, Hinkley Point C - the first new nuclear plant built in UK after 1995 – has announced several main contracts (architect-engineer, Nuclear Steam Supply System, Steam Turbines, civil engineering, components, Third-Party Inspection, and etc) and is continuing phase 2 of Site Preparation Works, although it is still facing financing challenges and some doubting. The preparation of Wylfa Newydd is also on track and the Generic Design Assessment for Hitachi’s ABWR completed second stage in August 2014 and should be fully completed about the end of 2017, meanwhile, Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) paved the way for Horizon Nuclear Power to begin purchasing major equipment in Nov 2014. The Moorside NPPs is still at early stage since Toshiba purchased 50% share in December 2013 and another 10% share in June 2014, while it’s project company NuGen signed a cooperation agreement with the government to gain access to the 2012 UK guarantee scheme for infrastructure in order to expedite external project finance in December 2014 and announced a ‘environmental services’ engineering consulting contract in December 2014. EDF Energy Sizewell C project is moving forward to second formal stage of consultation with local communities.


At the global level, there are quite a many good practices in nuclear new build with regards of localization, supply chain management and project management, such as in UAE, in China and in South Korea.

In the newcomers, their nuclear new build programmes are also flourished by strong government supports.

In Turkey-Middle East region, Turkey is working with Rosatom in $20bn Build-Own-Operate model for AKKUYU NPP and it is going to start construction in 2015, and a $22 billion contract awarded to a Japanese-French consortium for second nuclear power plant, the third project is also in exclusive negotiation with Westinghouse-SNPTC consortium. In Saudi Arabia, there are 18GWe of nuclear capacity by 2032 planning, and KA-CARE is contacting with all the global leading reactor vendors, it signed a MOU for research reactor cooperation with South Korea reccently. Jordan also announced its first big project to Rosatom with BOO model and small reactors are also on JAEC’s agenda.

In South-East Asia region, the market has a lot potential opportunities but is facing challenges. Vietnam is the most active NNB market of SEA, it has 1 research reactor, 2 NPPs signed to Russia and Japan, another 2 NPPs is planning.  In Bangladesh, 5000 MWe of nuclear capacity was also envisaged by 2030, and 2000MWe has announced to Russia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar is evaluating NPP new build program as well.
In Africa region, South Africa is with firm plans for further 9600 MWe in the next decade, generating 23% of its electricity. Egypt has done extensive preparation work to call for tender, and has signed a MOU with Russia. The active actions also have been taken in Nigeria and Kenya.

In South America region, Argentina has 3 nuclear reactors generating about 10% of its electricity, and construction for CAREM-25 - a small locally-designed power reactor prototype has started on, there are also next 2 reactors planned are likely to be built by China National Nuclear Corporation. Brazil has major drought in 2001 led to acute shortage of power, and that in early 2015 is shaping up to be worse, with urban water also limited, thus based on 2 nuclear reactors generating 3% of its electricity, and a third under construction, 4 more large reactors are proposed to come on line in the 2020s.

The nuclear developer countries also have the plans to build new nuclear power plants, such in IndiaNorway, Chili, Canada, and Iran.

We anticipate some 200 delegates representing over 20 countries. Eminent policy makers, experts and business executives, along with key international figures, were carefully selected to ensure meaningful exchange that will exhibit a variety of perspectives. In addition, we expect live and exclusive interviews, exciting side activities and exhibitions. The unique quality, guaranteed seniority and size of the audience, as well as the abundant networking opportunities, makes the 2nd World Nuclear New Build Congress (UK) 2015 an unusual opportunity to take stock, set directions, create new friendships and build business. It is the place where business relationships are initiated, developed and maintained.

You can contact with your peers, your customers and your suppliers during the conference. SZ&W Group will offer a unique communication service that you could discuss with all attendees before and after the event.
Networking Break
During the networking break, you can talk with +200 global nuclear industry executives in a timely and topical industry forum. It's a delight to have tea break and delicacy refreshment while meeting with each other and exchanging business cards.
Lunch Time
During our extra long lunch breaks, you can have an in-depth conversation for further cooperation while enjoying the delicious food.
Cocktail Party
The cocktail party is supported by our sponsor. You will have a happy cocktail conversation with your peers.
Panel Discussion
Giving opportunity to hear top knowledgeable people about topic present information and discuss personal views. The panel discussion will help the participants further clarify and evaluate their positions regarding nuclear industry.
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