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The 2nd World Nuclear New Build Congress (UK) 2015 will be held on September 7-9, 2015 in London, UK. The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to come and actively participate in this intriguing event. The UK has 16 reactors (totaling 10 GWe capacity) generating about 18% of its electricity and all but one of these will be retired by 2023. The government aims to have 16 GWe (£50 billion) of new nuclear capacity on line by 2025, with the aim of the first new nuclear power station (on current timetables) starting operations in 2019. Among the whole capacity building programme, EDF Energy aims to develop 6.4GWe at Hinkley Point and Sizewell, Horizon Nuclear Power targets for 6 GWe at Wylfa and Oldbury, and NuGen. goes for 3.6 GWe at Sellafield.
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♦ Sept.2,2015
2nd WNNBC (UK) 2015 Online Registration Closed. Call Me for Last Channel

♦ Aug.31,2015
Registration of 2nd WNNBC (UK) 2015 will be terminated by this Wednesday in advance

♦ Aug.27,2015
5 Days Countdown-Registration Deadline for 2nd World Nuclear New Build Congress (UK) 2015

♦ Aug.25,2015
Registration of 2nd World Nuclear New Build Congress (UK) 2015 will be Closed in 7 Days!

♦ Aug.18,2015
Unmissable Big Savings and Participants Profile at 2nd WNNBC (UK) 2015 Expire Today

♦ Aug.4,2015
EDF's Major Supply Chain Partners is Seeking for Sub-Contractors

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The Only Commercial Nuclear C-Level Congress in UK Focusing on Nuclear New Build
The Principle Concern of Project Updates, Skills Development and Funding challenges
The Biggest Platform Gathering All Key Players from Global Nuclear Emerging Countries
The Largest Coverage of Pressing Issues between Africa, Turkey-MENA, SEA, South Asia and South America
The Most Abundant Conference Settings of Key Sessions and Exclusive Panel Discussions
The Largest Scale Booth for Extensively Branding Needs
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Day One
(Sept 7th, 2015)
Day Two
(Sept 8th, 2015)

Day Three
(Sept 9th, 2015)
World Nuclear
New Build Map
UK Nuclear New Build Focus
♦ Turkey-Middle East Focus
♦ South-East Asia Focus
♦ Africa Focus
♦ Europe Focus
♦ South Asia Focus
♦ South America Focus
Session 1: Growing Opportunities of UK new build NPPs
Session 2: Financing and Investment – a remaining Challenge
Session 3: Advanced Project Management and Construction Methods for New Build Programmes
Session 4: Supply Chain Management with Nuclear Safety Related Items or Services
Session 5: Skills development and Localization Strategies- a long term and urgent Issue
Session 6: Waste Management and Long-Term Prospects
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Hergen Haye-Office for Nuclear Development (OND).pdf
Alan McGoff-Environment Agency (EA).pdf
Mark Foy-Office for Nuclear Regulation(ONR).pdf
Dan Mathers-NNL.pdf
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