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MENA is deemed as the fastest growing rail market in the world. It is reported that Eleven MENA region countries are investing a total of $490bn in new railway networks, as well as upgrading existing networks. Besides, due to the limited local talent human resource and technologies, MENA rail industry needs great support from foreign countries, so it is a market full of opportunity and gold for the industry players.

TOP 6 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss
 ♦ Focusing on 7+ MENA countries
 ♦ Hearing from 15+ senior industry expert speakers from government and operators
 ♦ Joining in 180+ senior industry executives and enjoy high level peer-to-peer networking
 ♦ Examining the key challenges and opportunities of expansion into new markets
 ♦ Unearthing the prospects and potential business opportunities in rail booming time
 ♦ Gathering all the elites from upstream decision makers to downstream vendors
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 ♦ Sep.10,2015
Rail Expansion & Technology MENA 2015 Online Registration Closed. Call Me for Last Channel

 ♦ Sep.2,2015
Registration of Rail Expansion & Technology MENA 2015 will be closed on next Thursday

 ♦ August.27,2015
10 Days Countdown. See Who're Attending Rail Expansion & Technology MENA 2015?

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Sept. 15th
Day One
MENA Rail Vision Day
 ♦ Examining the Major Updates in MENA Rail Industry
 ♦ Learning the Major Challenges in MENA Rail
 ♦ Enhancing the Regional Capability to Direct Rail Industry Development
Sept. 16th
Day Two
MENA Rail Projects Day
 ♦ Project updates & case study
 ♦ Making multimodal and efficient transport systems in MENA
 ♦ Enhancing interoperability of MENA Rail by innovative solutions
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Distinguish RET MENA from Other Events >>
 ♦ 1 Chinese Organizer Bringing More Chinese Players to MENA Rail Industry
 ♦ 2 Exclusive Settings Covering Rail Industry Vision and Rail Project Updates
(MENA Rail Vision Day & MENA Rail Projects Day)
 ♦ 3 Critical Focused Rail Projects Progress Analysis
(UAE; Saudi Arab; Qatar)
 ♦ 4 Case Studies from Typical Countries and Roundtables Discussing Hot Topics
(Saudi Arab; Jordan; China, Europe)
 ♦ 5 Key Points of Technology Sharing
(Signal & Control & Communication; Rolling Stocks; Asset Management; Maintenance Services; Revenue Management)
 ♦ 6 Challenges Hindering the development of MENA Rail Industry and Solutions
(Investment; Regulation& Law; Safety; Human Resource; Procurement; Risk)
 ♦ 7 +MENA Countries' Policies, Regulations and Rail Industry Floor Plan
(UAE; Saudi Arab; Qatar, Oman; Iran; Egypt; Jordan)
Who Should Attend >>
 ♦ Land Transport Authorities & Related Governments
 ♦ Rail (Railway/Metro/Light Rail/High Speed)Operators and Owners
 ♦ Rail Consultants & Advisors & Other Professional Services Providers
 ♦ EPC & Engineering Consultants & Architecture Planners &Track Contractor
 ♦ Rolling Stocks Providers
 ♦ Rail Systems (Signal & Telecommunications/ Power Systems) Providers
 ♦ Infrastructure Maintenance & Testing & Certification Service providers
 ♦ Civl &Track Construction equipments & Materials Providers
 ♦ Other Software and Technical Services Used in Rail Project Construction and Management
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