NIC Background
The inaugural Turkey · MENA Nuclear Industry Congress (NIC) will be held on Apr 15-16, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to come and actively participate in this intriguing event.

Among the countries who are under serious consideration to develop nuclear power, the front runners are Turkey UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, concentrating in the MENA region. Approximately $200 billion worth of nuclear projects have been planned in MENA region.

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Turkey-MENA NIC 2014 Confirmed Speakers & Moderator & Panelists
Event Agenda
  A.M. P.M.
DAY 1 0900-1200: National Nuclear Strategy and Latest Progress in Turkey-MENA
1200-1230: Keynote Nuclear Energy Thought Leaders Roundtable
1400-1530: Legal and Regulation Infrastructure
1600-1800: Economical and Financial Model; Contracting and Ownership
DAY 2 0900-1130: New Build Case Studies in Turkey-MENA
1130-1500:Technology Selection, Transfer and Localization
1500-1600: Advance Design, Construction Technologies & Local Industrial Development for NPP New Build
1600-1800: Fuel Cycle Management & Waste Management
Who Should Attend?
 ♦  Utilities & Power groups
 ♦  Reactor vendors
 ♦  Front-end companies
 ♦  IT solution providers
 ♦  Consultancies
 ♦  Insurance & reinsurance companies
 ♦  EPC companies
 ♦  Equipments & facilities vendors
 ♦  Back-end companies
 ♦  Logistics & transportation vendors
 ♦  Law firms
 ♦  Investing banking & Securities
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