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Central & Eastern Europe Nuclear New Build Congress 2014

The Central & Eastern Europe Nuclear New Build Congress 2014 will be held on October 21-22th, 2014 in Warsaw, Poland. The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to come and actively participate in this intriguing event.

In Central and Eastern Europe, nuclear power has provided a big share of national electricity in many countries. Quite a number of countries still want to increase the share and pursue more reactors to be built. Countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary as well as Ukraine are all in the case. There also emerges two nuclear newcomers in this region, and they are Poland and Belarus. In this conference, we also include Finland, as it has the ambition as well as the actions to build new builds; moreover, it’s near the Baltic countries.

Poland’s government strongly supports nuclear power development in this country. It plans to build 6.0 GWe nuclear capacities (two nuclear power plants) by 2035 with the value of $19.5 billion. As for the first plant, the site and reactor vendor will be selected by the end of 2016. Final design and permits are expected to be ready in 2018, allowing construction start in 2019. The first unit is now expected to be operational in ...

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October 21th
Day One
09:00-12:30  Meeting Electricity Demand: Nuclear Power Prospects in Central and Eastern Europe
14:00-16:30  Safety Infrastructures and Regulatory Framework for New Build
16:30-17:30  Ownership and Contracting Models, Finance for New Build
October 22th
Day Two
09:00-10:30  Case Studies of New Build Projects in Construction across Central and Eastern Europe
11:00-12:30  Case Studies of New Build Projects in Plan across Central and Eastern Europe
14:00-15:00  Case Studies of New Build Projects in Plan across Central and Eastern Europe (Continue)
15:00-17:30  Advanced Technology and Supply Chain for New Build
17:30-18:10  Fuel Cycle and Waste Management
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 ♦  Utilities & Power groups
 ♦  Reactor vendors
 ♦  Front-end companies
 ♦  IT solution providers
 ♦  Consultancies
 ♦  Insurance & reinsurance companies
 ♦  EPC companies
 ♦  Equipments & facilities vendors
 ♦  Back-end companies
 ♦  Logistics & transportation vendors
 ♦  Law firms
 ♦  Investing banking & Securities
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